City Projects & Studies

2700 E Sidewalk Project
Typically, the City is able to fund one sidewalk/curb project each year. For 2024 that project consists of filling in the sidewalk gaps along 2700 E (this year we’ll be working from 3900 S to Lincoln Lane, and in the future to 4500 S). The City works closely with affected property owners to ensure that the project is as smooth and noninvasive as possible. Construction is expected to begin during the spring as the weather clears up. We appreciate your patience as we strive to meet resident infrastructure needs.

Exciting Changes Coming to City Park!
We are excited to share some of the improvements coming to our beloved City Park. In efforts to better meet residents’ needs, the City will be installing sports lighting at the skate park! We will also be unveiling a Historical Exhibit soon. Furthermore, we will be making minor cosmetic changes to park features in order to protect them and reduce maintenance costs.

The skatepark project is one we have been working towards for some time. This will be primarily grant-funded and will propagate an opportunity to renew efforts to take care of the park. We want to remind users that keeping the park clean, beautiful, and welcoming is a joint effort! The City prides itself in offering this amenity to the community and hopes to continue to strengthen the relationships that make this possible.

The aforementioned cosmetic changes will primarily be applied to the trellis on the Southeast corner of the park. The columns in particular continue to be defaced with vandalism which requires consistent maintenance. The changes will allow us to address this issue and lower long-term maintenance costs. Again, we appreciate your help in keeping Holladay’s parks clean and welcoming.

Some Skatepark reminders:     

  • New hours (with lighting) will be from sunrise to 10 pm.
  • Wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.
  • Please clean up after yourselves & help us keep the park clean!
  • Keep gum, food, and drinks off the skating surfaces.
  • Do not add graffiti or artwork.
  • We welcome all non-motorized wheel sports.
  • Most importantly, be safe & have FUN!