Helping Hands Awards

The Helping Hands of Holladay Awards Program is an annual recognition process sponsored by the Holladay City Council. The program celebrates the spirited champions, selfless volunteers, and less-known, quiet contributors that make a difference in our City. Their helping hands are an inspiration to all, reminding us of the importance to give back, do more, and be more!

Past Award Recipients

    David Chisholm (City’s volunteer emergency manager)
    Paul Fetzer (Mt Olympus Community Garden)
    Julie Knight (Cottonwood Elementary parent volunteer)
    Kathy Murphy (Holladay Arts Council)
    Kim Kimball (Holladay Tree Committee)
    Chris Knaphus (Holladay Arts Council)
    JC Conrad (design for 20th Anniversary poster)
    Jen Wunderli (Friend 2 Friend)
    Robyn Ivins (Cottonwood High School food pantry)
    Beckie Rock (Holladay Arts Council)
    BJ Christenson (Bonneville Jr High)
    Sandy Meadows (Holladay Historical Commission)
    Tom Nelson (Holladay Historical Commission)
    Travis Jones (Holladay Tree Committee)
    Emily White (Holladay Arts Council advocate)
    Jani Iwamoto (Utah Senate service)
    Patrice Arent (Utah Legislature service)
    Barbara Thornton (Crestview Elementary PTA)
    Lauren Anderson (Crestview Elementary PTA)
    Kate Kaufman (Friend-2-Friend)
    Lyman Losee (Holladay Historical Commission)
    Ginger Gunn (Holladay Arts Council)
    Natalie Bradley (Holladay Arts Council)
    Wendy Frank (Holladay Tree Committee)
    Salt Lake County Flood Control (2023 Spring Runoff Management)
    Sheryl Gillilan (Holladay Arts Council)

Please email for more information.