Utah Renewable Communities

Utah Renewable Communities (URC) is a coalition of Utah cities, towns, and counties that are working together to launch a default net-100% renewable electricity option for Rocky Mountain Power customers within our communities. Net-100% renewable electricity means matching the program’s electricity consumption with renewable generation, like wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric, that is connected to Rocky Mountain Power’s system on an annual basis. 

The City of Holladay is one of the 18 participating communities. The renewable energy program is being designed by the URC in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power and will be subject to approval by the Utah Public Service Commission (PSC).

The 7-step process for designing and launching the program is shown in the image below. The remaining steps include:

  • Step #5 Program Application: Rocky Mountain Power submits a program application to the Utah PSC, including projected program rates and proposed termination fees.
  • Step #6 Program Approval by the Utah PSC: The Utah PSC issues an order to approve, change, or deny the program application and finalizes initial program rates and termination fees.
  • Step #7 Participation Ordinance: Within 90 days of program approval by the Utah PSC, communities review the approved program and initial program rates and decide whether to finalize participation in the program by adopting an ordinance.

It’s important to note that the program rates or termination fees will be determined by the PSC in step #6. The agreement also does not finalize a community’s participation in the program – this happens when the community adopts the Participation Ordinance in Step #7. As the program development process moves forward, the Holladay City Council will continue to carefully weigh decisions at each step.

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7-step URC process