City Recorder


The City Recorder is a vital position within local government, responsible for a range of administrative and legal tasks. Here's a breakdown of the key responsibilities you mentioned:

  1. Maintaining Official Records: The City Recorder is tasked with the responsibility of keeping and organizing all official records of the city. This includes a variety of documents such as ordinances, resolutions, minutes of meetings, legal documents, and historical records.

  2. Conducting Municipal Elections: The City Recorder oversees the municipal election process. This includes ensuring that the elections are conducted fairly, managing voter registrations, organizing polling stations, and counting votes accurately.

  3. Attending Council Meetings: The Recorder attends city council meetings and is responsible for providing an accurate summary of the proceedings. This is crucial for maintaining a record of the decisions made, discussions held, and actions taken during these meetings.

  4. Providing Public Notices: The City Recorder is responsible for issuing public notices as required by law. This includes notifying the public about important events such as public hearings, meeting schedules, and other official city matters.

  5. Ensuring Legal Compliance: One of the key roles of the City Recorder is to ensure that the city complies with state laws related to public meetings and public records. This includes adherence to laws like the Open and Public Meeting Act and the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA). Compliance with these laws is essential for maintaining transparency and accountability in local government operations.

In summary, the City Recorder plays a crucial role in the efficient functioning of local government by maintaining accurate records, overseeing elections, facilitating transparent communication with the public, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations

Agendas & Minutes

The City Recorder makes agendas generally available on Fridays by 5:00 P.M. preceding the City Council Meeting. However, all Agendas are posted at least 24 hours prior to each meeting. All Agendas and Minutes are published on the “Public Notice Website."