Rob Sears - Building Official

    Justice Tuffour - Planner & GIS Technician

    Carrie Marsh - Planner



While you may be thinking about additions and other improvements to your home or property, delays to any project are never an option. To ensure your project is properly permitted and ready for that first shovel full of dirt or first nail you will want to consider consulting on the applicable requirements. Hiring and/or consulting with a competent and licensed team is critical to a successfully permitted project. City staff can assist in consulting with your chosen design team to help your project become reality as quickly as possible.
The Building Department provides plan checks, permitting, consultations, and inspection services for new construction, additions, remodels, alterations, and demolitions.
Building Department Counter Consultation Hours
For specific technical help regarding building or zoning codes counter hours are available for the review of simple projects* that do not require extensive plan review.

Monday & Wednesday 3:30 pm – 5 pm:  In-person consultation with Building Official and a planner.

* Simple projects generally include Basement finishes, roof conversions, decks, water heater replacements, electrical service upgrades, carports, siding replacement, signs, minor electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work, pools and spas, small tenant improvements, temporary power pedestals, furnace and air-conditioning installations, solar panels and exterior door and window replacements.

If you have code questions about an active building permit, please contact the planning department.

Building Permit Checklist
Zoning Worksheet 

Both items must be completed and submitted with a Building Permit application.

Building Permit Online Portal App

Building Permit: Track Progress or Update Current Application