General Plan

Utah State law requires every city to adopt a General Plan as part of that city's entitlement process.   The General Plan provides an overall picture of what the community values, both now and in the future, and how those values will be protected and implemented.  A General Plan must include; a land use element that designates the long-term goals for both public and private uses of land; a transportation and traffic circulation element correlated with the proposed land use element of the general plan, and; an estimate of the need for, and a plan for, the development of additional moderate income housing within the city.  A General Plan also includes implementation strategies for reaching the articulated goals within the Plan.  The City's General Plan is primarily used when the Planning Commission and Council are making land use decisions like rezones and changes to the zoning ordinance that shape the growth of the city.    Holladay City adopted this General Plan in 2016 as a complete update of the previous plan adopted shortly after incorporation.

General Plan (current)

2.3 Future Land Use-2020

General Plan Map

Small Area Master Plans:

City Hall and Park Master Plan

Cottonwood Mall Redevelopment

Highland Drive Master Plan-2017

Holladay Village Master Plan

Knudsen Park Master Plan

Holladay Crossroads


On March 7, 2024, the City Council voted to revise its General Plan Chapter 5, Moderate Income Implementation Plan, to address State law requirements regarding moderate-income and affordable housing use and transportation.   These changes include additional strategies the City is anticipating implementing, in addition to adding timelines and measurable tasks to allow for ongoing reporting.   These additions support a desire to share with the State our continued efforts by reporting to the State on an annual basis to stay in compliance and to meet our city's housing goals. 

Chapter 3 – Transportation 

Moderate Income Housing-March 2024

2021 Affordable Housing Update Report