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Business Licensing

Welcome to Holladay! We’re glad you’re considering making your business home here. The City appreciates its business owners and strives to provide a community where businesses and residents alike can thrive

General Information: The City of Holladay requires a valid Holladay business license to be held by anyone conducting business in the Holladay City limits. “Business” means and includes every craft, trade, occupation, profession, or activity pursued for gain or profit. Non-profit, charitable, governmental, and insurance agencies are also required to obtain a Holladay business license, although they may be exempt from license fees. The average processing time for a new license is 30 days and up to 60 days with DABS licenses please plan accordingly.

A Holladay Business License is not the same as the Utah Department of Commerce registration for a DBA (Doing Business As) or a state license obtained through the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL). The Holladay City business license must be renewed annually. For a description of fees associated with various business license types, view our Fee Schedule. State professional licenses are required in addition to a Holladay City business license for certain businesses such as but not limited to, massage therapy, beauticians, and contractors.

Each Holladay City business location will require a separate license for each location.

Commercial Locations  Salon Booths and Residential with no Clients, Residential with Clients, Special Events, and Solicitors are also required to obtain licenses and permits. Solicitors licensed in another city, are still required to obtain a Solicitors License through Holladay when operating within Holladay city boundaries.

Licenses are not transferable from address to address, nor from owner to owner. Any change of ownership requires a new application to be submitted. Any changes to the Location of Business within Holladay City limits or Name Changes to the Holladay City business require the below forms to be filled out and returned. Minor changes such as mailing address can be emailed to Crystal Nichols at

  • Change of Location Form - Fee $35
  • Change of Business Name Form- Fee $25

Please note if you have a change of location to a new building or change of occupancy at a building, the proper building permits must be obtained and approved before the application for a business license may be obtained and granted.

Renewals are mailed out 4-6 weeks before the license expiration date. To avoid late fees, licenses must be renewed before the expiration of the license. The licensee is responsible for renewal. Holladay City requires notice if the business has moved out of the City or is no longer conducting business within the City of Holladay.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have; we’re happy to help.