Board Members

Executive Board members:
The Business Advisory Board is made up of nine individuals who were selected through an application and interview process. The initial term for an Executive Board Member is three years. Consecutive terms may be allowed for a total of six years, except for the Chair who is limited to serving for one year as Chair.  All members of the Board must have a business in the City of Holladay have a vested interest in a business, or be a resident of Holladay. To serve as a Chair or Vice Chair, you must have a business or vested interest in a business in Holladay.

Name                                    Representing
Jason Woodland                 Business Coaching & Mentoring
Raelynn Potts                      Business Owner/Restaurant
Kenneth O. Melby Jr.         Property Management/Owner/Real Estate
Suresh ‘Sam’ Rohaj            Business Owner/Technology
Mike Hale                             Management/Consulting
Dianne Hazen                     Business Owner/Jewelry
Jonas Persch                       Business Owner/Design/Procurement
Jill Fonte                               Consulting/Executive Coaching
Izabella Miller                      Business Owner/Leadership Development