Shop Holladay

Keep it Local- Shop Holladay!

By Ann Frances Garcia
Economic Development & Housing Manager
and – Mike Hale, Holladay Business Advisory Board Member

 We’ve all heard the phrase “Shop Local”, but do you truly understand the impact that this has on our community?  Local shopping is crucial to our community and our character, but sometimes we can get caught up in the convenience of online shopping or shopping at big box chain stores.  Right here in Holladay, our local shops are more than just businesses—they’re part of our town’s story.

Our local business scene is unique to our city. For our residents, new or for those who’ve been around a while, supporting these places means keeping Holladay special. We have those special spots that aren’t just where we shop; they’re where we meet up, share stories, and feel at home.

Our local shops have a personal touch, offering unique items that you just can’t find anywhere else. And when you shop here, you’re helping our neighbors keep their dreams alive. Plus, every dollar spent stays right here in Holladay, helping our town thrive.

The math for buying locally is compelling – for every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $73 remains in the local economy.  When profits stay local, it increases our community’s tax revenue and our community’s standard of living. It means that those funds stay here to help provide vital services.

Our local business owners do more than just sell stuff; they’re our neighbors, sponsoring little league teams, helping with school fundraisers, and participating in community events. They invest in our community, making it a better place for all of us. When we support them, we say thank you for keeping Holladay unique and a great place to live.

Next time we decide to head out for a meal or need to pick up a gift, think Holladay first. It’s more than just shopping; it’s about strengthening our community bonds and keeping Holladay’s charm alive. Together, we can make sure our town stays vibrant and full of life