Property Tax

2024 Proposed Property Tax Increase 

Last year, State Legislation forced a reorganizing of the Unified Police Department by removing Salt Lake County from the department. This change has created significant cost increases due to the lost economies of scale.  We’ve enjoyed incredible service from UPD and want to keep up that standard of public safety for our residents!  

In order to fund these changes, City Council has voted to increase the City’s portion of property tax by 15%, or $97 more per year on the average home.  You can review the 2024-25 Budget book here.

Currently, 48% of Holladay’s total revenue is dedicated to public safety funding for police (31%) and fire (17%) and the cost of these contracted services is increasing. At the same time, the City has at least $75 million worth of currently unmet infrastructure needs. As Holladay assesses these costs, it’s clear that revenues aren’t enough to pay for needed improvements while also ensuring the City continues to serve residents well and meet ongoing obligations.

Holladay currently receives about 10% of the total annual property taxes for a parcel in the City. To address current needs, City property tax revenue may need to increase significantly. When the City first incorporated in 1999, its share of property tax was approximately 18%, but this has diminished over time as other taxing entities have raised their tax rates

City budgets are big and confusing, and we make sure we spend our community’s tax dollars wisely. If you have questions/comments, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Council Member or join us at our Truth in Taxation hearing on August 15 at 6:00 pm.