Small Claims

The Small Claims section of the Holladay Justice Court is designated to settle monetary legal issues and problems arising from contractual, service disputes and other claims. Small Claims cases are governed by Utah Code title 78A, Chapter 8. The rules for Small Claims can be found in the Utah Court Rules annotated, Utah Rules of Small Claims Procedure.

How to File and Prepare for Court

  • Verify jurisdiction
    • A case must be filed where the defendant resides or the claim arose (where the events happened).
    • Jurisdiction map. 
  • File your case
    • Once you have determined that Holladay Justice Court has jurisdiction over your case, click here to access your Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) forms. To file your case you will need to deliver your forms to the Holladay Justice Court with the appropriate filing fees, or you may email them to, Please make sure your contact info is on there and we will contact you for payment.
      • If you have been granted an exemption (ADA, Language Barrier, No access to internet) from filing through Online Dispute Resolution, click here to access forms and file your case with the court.
  • Mediation
    • For cases that meet the ODR exemption criteria, Utah Dispute Resolution will be available to assist in your case if you desire mediation.  They are available at the beginning of each court session to help mediate small claims cases. 
  • For more on the Small Claims Process, including Fees and Frequently Asked Questions, go to the Utah Courts’ self-help page.

If English is not your primary language and you are unable to understand or communicate in English, the court will appoint an interpreter for you for all court hearings. You must request a court interpreter at least 3 days before the hearing or the hearing may have to be postponed. To request a court interpreter, you may call the court at (801) 273-9731, you may also email the court at, so that an interpreter may be scheduled to appear at your court hearing.

Legal Resources

Utah State Bar list of Legal Clinics

Modest Means Lawyer Referral Program

ADA Accommodations
ADA Notice: If you are a party to a case, a witness or a prospective juror and you need special accommodations (including communication aids and services) during an upcoming proceeding, please call the Holladay Justice Court at (801)273-9731 or fax the court at (801)527-2497 at least three business days before the proceeding.