Rob - CopyMayor Robert M. Dahle

Rob was elected Mayor of The City of Holladay in 2014, currently serving in his third term. 

Rob was raised in Murray and attended Murray High School and the University of Utah (83’). Upon graduation, he entered active duty with the U.S. Army, proudly served six years and was honorably discharged in 1989.
He met and married Joni Skagen while stationed in the Seattle area. They have three children; Jillian, Jane, and Jordan and 4 grandchildren.  All graduated from Bonneville Junior High and Cottonwood High.

After leaving active service, Rob and Joni returned to Salt Lake City to join the family clothing retail business. He served 20-years as President of Dahle Management Corporation (dba Dahle’s Specialty Size Apparel).  Served on the board of Big & Tall Associates for 12 years, 6 as President, was a member of the Downtown Retail Merchants Association and on the Board of The Cottonwood Country Club, serving as President from 2012-2013. He is currently involved in real estate management.

For the past 24 years, Rob and Joni have been actively involved in various volunteer positions in our local schools, St. Vincent DePaul Parish, and community organizations.


Committee Assignments:

  • Unified Police Department
  • Council of Governments
  • Utah League of Cities & Towns Legislative Policy Committee
  • Rotary Club Liaison
  • Internal Audit Committee
  • Interfaith Council


What is the role of the Mayor?
The Mayor shall have the following powers and duties:

  • preside at all meetings of the City Council
  • vote in all City Council proceedings
  • execute bonds, notes, contracts and written obligations as required on behalf of the City
  • chief ceremonial officer of the City
  • represent the City in all its external relationships
  • have the powers, duties and privileges of other Council Members